Here you will find news about all our events that we have attended in the past!

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Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

On Saturday 15th December 2018, SSAS members gathered for a wonderful 3 course meal at The Cock Inn near Ringmer. We had a grand raffle with many different surprise, astronomy prizes. It was a very successful night, and we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and wonderful 2019!

Fletching Open Gardens;

On Sunday 10th June 2018, we had a superb day at Fletching Open Gardens Solar viewing! It was a beautiful day and we saw so many members of public interested in solar viewing! Here’s to next year!!




Super Social Sunday!….8th April 2018!

We gathered at the Yew Tree Arlington, for a lovely afternoon of food, drinks and a social event! 18 members and their families/other halves turned up and we all had a great time, even if we did eat too much!!…..and one member decided to try Banoffee pie with squirty cream AND (randomly) custard!!!!!!-It went down very well, and it’s so great for us all to get together!





Here is some of the amazing work we all did here at SSAS throughout the 2017! Even if the weather doesn’t always play ball, we still had a wonderful year of viewing!! But let’s hope that 2018 is better! 🔭🔭



Cats Protection at Chelwood Gate- Saturday 21st October;

The stargazing at Cats Protection Chelwood Gate was a good event. Although we had the awful Storm Brian (which also damaged one of our members wives’ cars!!!- she was NOT pleased!) to contend with, which obviously ruined all chances of observing due to the horrific wind and torrential rain, we had a great evening and a great response from the public- 4 public members are considering joining!

SSAS and ESAS Raystede Stargazing Evening- Saturday 16th September 2017!

Both SSAS and ESAS had an absolutely great night at Raystede! There was a brilliant turn out from the public, and all tickets were sold. Unfortunately, due to the Great British weather (!!) we had to pack away our telescopes early due to the rain, thunder and lighting! Our plan B, was for William Joyce to give a talk in one of the meeting rooms. This was a very interesting talk, and many members of the public asked questions about what we do. Overall, considering the awful weather, we had a fantastic night!

SSAS and ESAS Raystede 2017.jpeg


Stargazing event at Hooe church- Saturday 1st April- It was no joke!

“This event was organised to raise funds for the Hooe church restoration. It was a beautiful, sunny evening which was attended by 120 keen stargazers. It is a great dark site and a lovely setting. The church needs to have a new roof and some works have already commenced. The event started with a talk from Mike from East Sussex astronomy club, which was extremely interesting. After the talk, people queued to view through telescopes. The sky was perfect and VERY clear and there was a lot to see! Certainly a lot of ‘wows’ and ‘cors’ from all there! The International Space Station was seen clearly passing overhead at just after 9pm. A huge thanks to Derrick, Alan, Kevin, Nathan and Emily from SSAS, and all at ESAS who made it a really super and enjoyable event!!”

-Annette Simes, SSAS Member


To Derrick Elliott, the Chairman of Seven Sisters Astronomical Society!!

Derrick's Award 2016.png

Raystede Stargazing Event- Saturday, 29th October 2016

SSAS and the public had such a great night at the Raystede Stargazing event last night! Although it was a pity that the mist kept rising we still enjoyed ourselves! Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare for making it such a fantastic evening and providing us with food! Also, thank you to East Sussex Astronomical Society (ESAS) for joining us all!

“The Raystede Stargazing event was a complete success! We had light ground mist but clear skies. There were 10 telescopes on various objects in the night sky which all the public enjoyed looking at. Food was superb and went down a treat! Thank you to East Sussex Astronomical Society for their help, and to Melanie Davies for her talk on Titan.” SSAS member.

“It was a good night… We all had fun and count us in on future events! “Paul Foster- Member of East Sussex Astronomical Society.

“A awesome evening, and it was a pleasure to join you at this event.” G.T- Committee member of ESAS.